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The Pawn Shop Goes Mainstream – Check one Out Today

Pawn Gold There was a time when your local pawn shop was not some place that many people would visit. If you believe pop culture’s representation of these shops, then they are really only for nefarious characters. They are meant for criminals, and people that are looking to scam things. That’s not really how things are today, even though there may be some characters out there lurking. More often than not, your local shop is going to help the community, and help you in a lot of different ways. In fact, you may even find that the average shop is part of a larger, mainstream focus that many people are starting to jump into. If you haven’t already, check an option out today, and you may find the following benefits, and reasons to visit again, and again.

Bad Credit? No Problem!

Bad credit is one of the hindering issues that many people have to deal with. If you don’t have a good credit score, you will end up having a lot of hurdles in getting a credit card, loan, or any number of financial things. You may not even be able to open up a checking account. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find that credit issues can be difficult to manage. However, there are things that you can do, to get some quick cash, and the pawn shop you have near you, may end up helping you out. They do so without having to look at your credit history.

In order to take advantage of lending from shops of this type, you’ll need to have some sort of collateral to put up. For instance, you could have a diamond ring. Your diamond ring may net you $1,000 dollars in a loan. The shop will ask you to pay back the loan in a set amount of time. If you pay within the allotted time that you and the shop agrees to, you’ll get the ring back. That seems simple, right? Well, the truth of the matter is that it is simple. There is no need to check your credit, and you can get cash within a short span of time. Remember, you have to pay the loan back.

Buying Musical Equipment (Musicians Take Note)

Have you ever walked into a guitar shop? The cost of a new Fender Stratocaster is going to run upwards of near $1,000. The same can be said for a great bass guitar, or even a full drum set. Sure, there are some entry level options that aren’t expensive, but if you want quality, the cost is going to be quite a lot. Your local pawn shop has something to offer you, if you’re a musician looking for musical equipment.


Shops have guitars, drum kits, and much more. They have them coming in all the time, and they resell them at a price that is far better than you would get at a guitar store. Since the shop is trying to sell through their inventory quickly, you will find that the savings can go quite deep. Buying musical equipment can be quite low, and you’ll find that it’s a great thing to work through.

Ever Changing Inventory

At the end of the day, you can visit any shop that pawns items and see new things often. Many shops get new inventory on a weekly basis, and put things out straightway. You could visit on a Monday and see nothing you want or need. But visit again on a Friday, and you will find that there are a lot of things you may want. The inventory changes often, which is a great thing for consumers.

The Printed Circuit Board and its Methods

Printed-Circuit-BoardThe printed circuit board is a board where very little pieces of electrical components are connected together to form a circuit. These components when working together would provide a function for certain gadgets or electronics. In this modern age, most of the things used by people involve these printed circuit boards. Sometimes, people would even call it microchips. It is important to note that these boards are not just manufactured in a standard way. Each “chip” is designed in a different way and would provide a different function when compared to other PCBs.

The process of manufacturing a printed circuit board is called PCB fabrication

During the early years, those who designed PCBs did it manually and drew everything on paper before soldering each component individually on the board. Thanks to technology, everything is now faster. A computer engineer can produce hundreds of unique printed circuit boards through the use of computer-assisted design software. He would only point, click and type in things to design different boards used for cellular phones, laptops, coffee machines and even modern refrigerators.

PCB fabrication may sound easy to do but there are many things to learn before even putting the electric components together. People who build PCBs would even need to learn about Chemistry and Math. Chemistry is needed to find the best material to use for the board. Some materials would need certain chemical mixtures in order to function properly. Math is also needed to accurately measure the needed spacing in between components. Beside the logical knowledge, PCB fabrication also requires the right skills in performing the methods of PCB manufacturing. To know more about it visit

One method in fabricating the printed circuit board is through etching

This is a method wherein the person would remove the copper residue from the board through the use of chemicals. Since the copper is used to carry the current of the electricity from component to component, it is important to be accurate when printing the copper. In the case that one makes a mistake, he would need to put a tape or a copper-resist formula to prevent the right copper from being removed. The chemicals used for the removal can be ferric chloride or ammonium persulphate, although most people would recommend using the latter because it is less messy. If you plan on doing this type of method, it is important to practice safety measures; you have to wear protective goggles and heavy duty gloves to protect your skin from getting burned.


Another PCB fabrication method is laminating the copper pattern onto the substrate which is the board. This method is used if you have an inkjet printer and a photo copying paint. Basically, it’s very simple because once the layout has been designed using the CAD software, it could be printed right away. Using the spray photo sensitive-resist, spray it onto the fiberglass (FR4) board. Always make sure that the board does not have scratches or dents to make the circuit board work. For some engineers, they use a press-paste type of sticker which the layout is printed on. The PCB is finished by just pressing the design on the board.

The last PCB fabrication method to be discussed is drilling

This may be the most complicated and most expensive part of the process. The vias or holes are made through the board to insert the connection of the different copper layer. By using very small drill bits, a hole is punched through and printed with the number designation of each vias. Some type of boards would require smaller holes that no drill can ever make. In this case, some vias are punched through by using laser beams.

Get Quality Custom ID Lanyards only at the Wholesale Lanyards

Lanyards are commonly known as cords. These are pieces of cloth or fabric that is used to hold identification cards. These are commonly worn by students, company employees, or members of an organization or institutions. It can be customized to your chosen design or imprint your company or organization’s name to show that you are a member of it.

LanyardIf you are you in need for premium quality customized ID lanyards that will best showcase your organization, institution or company, Wholesale Lanyards is your one-stop solution! Here at Wholesale Lanyards, we assure you that we will give you only the best custom lanyards at an affordable price. We are confident with our products because only high quality materials are used in producing it and we hired only the best graphic artists in our team. We make every custom lanyard exactly how you want it to be. We make it to a point that our customers will be satisfied with our products making them to keep coming back for more. Our professional custom lanyard staff is willing to attend to all your inquiries and we wish to assist you with your needs and questions.

At the, you can make your own choices on what designs you want to be in your ID Lanyards. We offer you different lanyard type, lanyard colour, and lanyard designs that will showcase your dedication and commitment to your company or organization. You have the freedom to choose how you want them to be. From the fabric, colour, symbols, or any attachments you like, we can provide it all for you with no additional charges. You can put as many characters as you like! We also have different kinds of lanyards such as badge lanyards, cell phone lanyards, key ring lanyards and any other kind of lanyards.

It is, of course, important to choose not just only the best but the right lanyard style. It should fit your needs and will properly match to the situation you are in. If you are having a hard time choosing the right lanyard style for you, we have a variety of collection of lanyard style that you can choose from.

We have polyester lanyards that are perfect in using for school identification cards since it is durable and cheaper compared to other lanyard styles. It is the most common type of lanyard that everyone uses, and has clearer details and designs.

Nylon lanyards are perfect for printing detailed logos. It has a smooth texture and high quality printing details making it to be commonly used as giveaways by large events.

If you want to have a long lasting lanyard, woven lanyard would be the perfect choice for you. The text and other details are embroidered in the lanyard making designs hardly fade away.

Tubular lanyard is comfortable since it is lightweight. Its texture is similar to a tubular shoelace and designs are printed through silk screen.

If you want to have a more colourful lanyard, our dye sublimated lanyard would be the perfect option for you. At a very affordable price you can have high quality lanyard that undergone to colour sublimated process on both sides. The imprint in our dye sublimated lanyards won’t crack, fade or wear off so you can fully enjoy wearing our custom lanyard products.

We also have the newest addition to our lanyard styles, which is the cord lanyard. It is perfect if you want to strike a clean and comfortable look printed with high quality characters that only the Wholesale Lanyards offers.

All our ID Lanyards are available in 3/8″, 1/2″ and 5/8″ widths at our standard 36″ length. We also offer you 5 free attachments and a selection of optional extra attachments for all your chosen lanyards.

We are always striving to guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction with our custom lanyard products. Our products have been trusted by most of our customers and so we assure you that you will never regret trusting us with your custom lanyard needs.

We are willing to work on with premium quality products that you truly deserve. Our graphics department promises to meet all your expectations and we can assure you that our custom ID Lanyards are made to last for years.

Every lanyard order comes with a free shipping fee in different parts of the USA, no setup fees for any lanyard type, free Pantone colour matching, and high quality lanyard fabric materials. In a very fast and reliable transaction, you can have your lanyards and experience for yourself the premium quality of our product. You can also check our social media sites for our specials, sales, and discounts that are not advertised anywhere else. You can always contact us at 866-289-8828 should you have further questions or clarifications that you wanted us to answer firsthand.

ChallengeCoins4Less – The Lasting Tradition Of Challenge Coins

It’s almost impossible to conclusively know the origin of challenge coins and the real reason they were initially employed. But we can all be certain that both military services and challenge coins go back so much farther than the modern age.

As bedazzled as you are, we at ChallengeCoins4Less intend to resume this tradition albeit its puzzling foundation. After all, challenge coins are purposeful and can be a great way to establish good relationship between members of a particular group—be it within the armed services, government agencies, professional institutions or civilian populations.

Challenge Coins as a Military Tradition

custom coinsIn order to boost morale, encourage excellence and inspire unit interrelation, military units adopted the challenge coin tradition. Commanders employ challenge coins as a way to reward groups for their exceptional performance in different tasks or for accomplishing voluntary work. In other areas, individuals may also be rewarded with coins for their personal accomplishments. To publicly recognize achievements, military officers present a challenge coin that cannot be acknowledged through formal awarding ceremonies within the institution.

Challenge coins are uniquely designed for each military group and government organizations. Typically, the coins bear the relevant logo, crest or coat of arms of a particular group. Since challenge coins are easy to carry and distinguish, some personnel use them as a means of starting a conversation with a new acquaintance. There is also the “Coin Check” challenge in which the soldier that is not able to present his challenge coin upon the challenger’s call will have to buy a round of drinks for everyone.

What Does A Challenge Coin Look Like?

Challenge CoinAlthough challenge coins have been gaining popularity among civilians nowadays, many may still not know what a challenge coin is or how it looks like. Typically, a challenge coin has a diameter of around 1.5-2 inches and thickness of about 1/10 inch. These coins are usually round but many innovations have resulted in different shapes such as dog tags, pentagons, shields and arrowheads. A variety of designs and finishes has also been dominating the custom coin market so expect to see challenge coins looking considerably different from each other.

Who Can Benefit From Challenge Coins?

Beyond the military, challenge coins have now broken into civilian populations, making the demand more diverse and challenging. And as these coins continue to become more popular, we at ChallengeCoins4Less always aim to improve our products to meet all of today’s more demanding coin criteria.

Aside from military units, other organizations and institutions such as the following can benefit from using challenge coins:

• Police Departments
• Fire Departments
• Church Groups
• Clubs
• Scout Troops
• Business Departments
• Social Groups
• ROTC Units
• Sororities and Fraternities
• Professional Associations
• Charitable Organizations
• Government Agencies
• Chambers of Commerce
• Boards of Directors
• Volunteers
• and more!

Coin Pricing

Challenge coins are fairly economical to design and produce. In making custom coins, manufacturers use either of these 2 basic processes: die struck bronze and zinc-alloy castings.

The die struck bronze is more costly than zinc-alloy castings but it produces a far more superior end product. These days, many companies have made advanced innovations which enable them to create more challenging designs and add more features to the coins. As the market for custom coins becomes more competitive, it is only necessary for each coin maker to level up their game.

custom military coins

At ChallengeCoins4Less, we continue to revolutionize our molding, shaping and finishing methods without having to raise the price by significant degrees. We offer high quality custom coins at everyday low prices and provide free design and revision services to all our customers. Although not many civilians are fully aware of the history and current employments of challenge coins, the tradition still prevails and is looking more promising than ever.

Designing Coins

If you’re looking to get custom challenge coins but unsure as to how the process goes, you’ve arrived at the right place. ChallengeCoins4Less is your friendliest neighborhood when it comes to designing coins for your organization. More than we want to sell our products, we want our customers to fully understand the process and make everything clear to them before signing anything. You might be surprised at how easy the process is. For more details, give us a ring and we’ll be pleased to discuss all the essentials with you.

Golf Apparel Tips – How To Look Good When Playing Golf

Golf is a game that has been around since the middle ages. People have been playing it for civility, business networking, fitness, and for fun. It is no wonder that golf is as popular as it is today. It serves many purposes and anyone who plays the game knows how important it is to have proper golf apparel. Having the right equipment for more powerful and controlled swings as well as accurate hits is important. What to wear while playing golf might seem trivial to others, but looking good on the golf course does serve a purpose.

For one, being dressed comfortably is necessary if you are to last from tee off to the last hole in the course. The golf outfit should not restrict the golfer’s movement too. Aside from these practical reasons for picking the right golf apparel, there are also aesthetic reasons. Golf is still known to be the sport of businessmen. You never know who you’ll meet on the golf course and you want to look presentable in case you need to hobnob with the bigwigs.

The Right Fit

Having golf shirts that fit well is much more important than the price tag of a golf shirt. No matter how expensive your outfit is, if it makes you look bad, then it has failed to deliver its purpose. Choose golf shirts that are perfect for your size and built instead. Keep an eye on how the shirt aligns along your shoulders. The shirt’s shoulder seam must rest on the corner of your shoulder bone. Length of sleeves is also important. Remember that the sleeves of your golf shirt should rest above your elbow. If your elbow isn’t showing, then the shirt is too big for you. Avoid shirts that are too loose since they tend to make you look sloppy.

Proper Dress Codes

Golf JacketsWhile many golfing establishments are now becoming more lenient with their dress codes, most high end golf clubs are still conservative when it comes to women’s golf apparel. Many famous sports clothing brands have released new fashion lines for women golfers. The new style is much more daring nowadays than what they manufactured before. You can see many golf dresses for sale that are colorful, short, and sleeveless. You have to remember, however, that not all golf clubs, especially the exclusive ones, allow these styles on the golf course. Traditional golf clubs would still require its players to wear clothing with collar and sleeves. It may seem antiquated in today’s world but private golf clubs are entitled to create their own rules. It’s better to check the dress code first than showing up and being told that you cannot play because you are inappropriately dressed.

The Comfort of Golf Shorts

Here , you can get the different Golf Shorts. There are many people who enjoy playing golf in shorts. This is especially true for women. Golf shorts are allowed in most clubs but what you have to remember is that most golfing establishments have rules on the length of golf shorts. Majority of golf courses would only allow golf shorts if the length is no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Another tip when wearing golf shorts: tuck your shirt in. This will make you look more put together and less casual.

Picking the Right Shoe

Golf shoesYour pair of golf shoes is one of the most important parts of your outfit. Golf involves a lot of walking for most even when you have your own golf cart. It is common knowledge among golf players that an average game would require 4 to 5 miles of walking. This means that your shoes should be really comfortable.

It is important to measure both feet before you buy golf shoes. If one foot is larger than the other, make sure to buy shoes in the size of the larger foot. It is also important to note that buying waterproof golf shoes, especially when you play golf a lot, is a much better option. The conditions when playing golf is not always dry and you’d be much more ahead of the game if you didn’t have to struggle with wet socks.

Choose your golf apparel wisely. After all, they don’t come cheap. Remember the basic rules of smart clothing and apply it when you’re picking what to wear the next time you play golf.

Motivational Speaker Success: A Great Supplement to Become a Motivated Organization

Companies have their corporate climate. Some may be at the peak of a successful streak. Others may be unfortunate enough to be struggling to survive day to day operations. For the ones in the hot waters, there are many possible causes for their negative returns. As a basic principle, business existence does not only revolve around monetary and financial capital. Errors and mishandling may occur in the 4M’s namely Man, Machine, Material or Method.

First, it is crucial to emphasize that the workforce is also an important resource that should be taken care of from the starters even for the established organizations. The human resource department can greatly affect the progress of the company. Even the hiring process being followed to get people who will be part of the firms are needed to be streamlined to assure that the best candidates qualified will be able to share their ingenuity to the company.

If the employees are already working, their intellectual abilities should also be harnessed, especially those who have great potentials. Their talents and abilities can be utilized to give a better direction to the future of the firm. Altogether, capital spent for machines and materials shall not be wasted by ineffective processes or work procedures. These resources must be matched with skillfully crafted means and methods to achieve the common goal of the company without wasting and resulting to defective products. Therefore, workflows should be simple, quick and ready to deliver required action at once to assure longer existence of business.

However, some companies succumb to ineffectiveness. Due to poor management and leadership, they stagnate to a bad condition, in which they continue to incur losses, probably coming from unsatisfied and stressed employees who no longer experience work-life balance. Also, it may come from too complex and dense operations and processes thus utilizing too many resources, and yet output remains uncompetitive, fragile and cannot meet the need of customers.

How should we address this kind of situation? Are you one of those who suffer these fatal scenarios? Are your workers to pressured and deprived of much needed time for themselves? Do you make them work more than you can compensate them? Or are you in an archaic period in which your operational processes incur more of your capital than producing effectively the best products for your clients? Well look no further. We have the answers to the questions you are seeking.

Motivational SpeakerA motivational speaker is what you need. We highly recommend that you look for a speaker who can tell you what is wrong in your business. He should be capable of analyzing your history and present conditions. From there, he can detect and tell you the signs of the possible flaws in your systems that make your business ineffective and unsuccessful. You may use your common sense to seek for the best speaker. Prestigious associations may introduce one to you, or you can search for good motivational programs somewhere else, just like the ones we offer.

Most good speakers have a good sense of humor. They can give you a significant message in the form of entertaining humor, stories or anecdotes. There are also those who can present an uplifting program commonly expressed through personal narratives and other powerful stories. Third, the celebrity speaker, whose fame and inspiring stories may influence others to listen and believe in them. Lastly, there is an industry speaker who already acquired expertise in a given industry, possibly due to extensive period of time he or she spent in that field. This type can discuss in depth ideas on a particular setting or topic.

Our site,, knows exactly a person who can give you all while also exceeding your expectations.

He can do a makeover to your dwindling careers, to your hopeless business cycles. He can transform your tired workforce into productive and cheerful ones who can boost not only their self-development, but also the betterment of the organization as a whole.

For samplers, you may visit our site, There, you will know the prime speaker we would like you to meet. He is Garrison Wynn, who had been the youngest department head in a Fortune 500 company’s history at the age of 27. He had weekly contributions to Washington Post.  He had developed many systems and tools that greatly affected a lot of industries as he already presented to various leaders, business developers, and billion-dollar worth manufacturing magnates, telecoms and financial services owners.

Due to his animated and lively performance, he has received praises across all the industries he had influenced. His keynotes speeches greatly influenced businesses and individuals because he can pinpoint what his audience needs to understand. Wynn can connect with his audience. He can let them see a different perspective by using breakthrough research to fit and tailor his talks to their necessities.

Truly, the services you may avail from us,, will greatly impact your businesses to become adaptive of the challenges of our modern age. As the current technological advances speed up, you should take a minute to listen to our very own, Wynn, as he gives you a fresh look on how you can be the best of what you can be. Visit for more details.

Stay Comfortable Outdoors with Misters

With the steady rise in global temperatures, numerous manufacturers have come up with ways on how to combat the heat. There are, of course, air conditioning systems that cool us indoor. The heat of the summer sun had us retreating into our homes to consume more electricity by using these units. We can’t enjoy the bright sunny day nor the summer breeze and we simply tend to stay indoors, away from the discomfort we associate with the heat.

But what if we can make it better? What if there’s a way to go outside and feel refreshed? What if there’s a way to enjoy the sun without bathing in sweat?

Outdoors MistersSay hello to the misters, a fun way to cool outdoors. Cast away your fears of the summer sun and enjoy the radiant beams while being refreshed at the same time with this cooling system. It’s also good for your budget, as it consumes only water. Compared to the amount of electricity consumed by turning on the AC all day, misters are more cost efficient.

How does it work, then? As kids, we’re all taken through the process of evaporation. The heat evaporates water from our oceans, turning it into water vapor. Water vapor condenses when it reaches a certain point in the atmosphere, and falls down as rain when the condensed water has become too heavy.

One of the concepts we’ve missed out on is the fact that the evaporation process has cooling effects. When water evaporates, it cools the atmosphere around us; therefore, the temperatures go relatively lower, producing a cooler effect.

These work around that concept to provide a cool experience on our lawns, patios, backyards, even restaurants. Through the process of evaporation, misters are able to generate a cool atmosphere. By releasing atomized form of water – so fine that it almost instantaneously evaporates as it gets released from the atomizing nozzles, temperature is lowered down. This simple concept is able to provide a refreshing ambiance and a different image to our desert-like lawns.

Misters have a lot of benefits – ranging from its basic cooling effects to the hydrating effects that our plants and animals need. Its various features are perfect for anyone and are very easy to install. Some are even portable, and can take the misting experience to a personal level. These are customizable to the user’s needs. And as mentioned previously, energy consumption is lower and easy on the budget as compared to staying all day, blasting the AC to full power.

One of the things that must be considered when getting one is the water pressure, as this is central to producing quality mist. A lower water pressure means low quality mist or big droplets. Always make sure that water pressure is high to pump a jet of water and turn it into atomized droplets. Smaller droplets are easier to vaporize, so the cooling effects are felt faster.

The number of nozzles to be used in a system is another consideration that must be done to generate a good mist. A higher number of nozzles require stronger water pressure. So in cases where large areas must be misted, a misting pump should come in handy. Of course, this will entail bigger costs, but really the investment and comfort is all worth it.

Aside from households, misters are also used in zoos, playgrounds, tents, pool sides, and garages. This is all in the aim to keep the outdoors comfortable and refreshing. Enjoy the outdoors more by installing your very own unit in your home and say goodbye to the days of isolation in your own bedroom.