Monthly Archive: January 2016

Stay Comfortable Outdoors with Misters

With the steady rise in global temperatures, numerous manufacturers have come up with ways on how to combat the heat. There are, of course, air conditioning systems that cool us indoor. The heat of the summer sun had us retreating into our homes to consume more electricity by using these units. We can’t enjoy the bright sunny day nor the summer breeze and we simply tend to stay indoors, away from the discomfort we associate with the heat.

But what if we can make it better? What if there’s a way to go outside and feel refreshed? What if there’s a way to enjoy the sun without bathing in sweat?

Outdoors MistersSay hello to the misters, a fun way to cool outdoors. Cast away your fears of the summer sun and enjoy the radiant beams while being refreshed at the same time with this cooling system. It’s also good for your budget, as it consumes only water. Compared to the amount of electricity consumed by turning on the AC all day, misters are more cost efficient.

How does it work, then? As kids, we’re all taken through the process of evaporation. The heat evaporates water from our oceans, turning it into water vapor. Water vapor condenses when it reaches a certain point in the atmosphere, and falls down as rain when the condensed water has become too heavy.

One of the concepts we’ve missed out on is the fact that the evaporation process has cooling effects. When water evaporates, it cools the atmosphere around us; therefore, the temperatures go relatively lower, producing a cooler effect.

These work around that concept to provide a cool experience on our lawns, patios, backyards, even restaurants. Through the process of evaporation, misters are able to generate a cool atmosphere. By releasing atomized form of water – so fine that it almost instantaneously evaporates as it gets released from the atomizing nozzles, temperature is lowered down. This simple concept is able to provide a refreshing ambiance and a different image to our desert-like lawns.

Misters have a lot of benefits – ranging from its basic cooling effects to the hydrating effects that our plants and animals need. Its various features are perfect for anyone and are very easy to install. Some are even portable, and can take the misting experience to a personal level. These are customizable to the user’s needs. And as mentioned previously, energy consumption is lower and easy on the budget as compared to staying all day, blasting the AC to full power.

One of the things that must be considered when getting one is the water pressure, as this is central to producing quality mist. A lower water pressure means low quality mist or big droplets. Always make sure that water pressure is high to pump a jet of water and turn it into atomized droplets. Smaller droplets are easier to vaporize, so the cooling effects are felt faster.

The number of nozzles to be used in a system is another consideration that must be done to generate a good mist. A higher number of nozzles require stronger water pressure. So in cases where large areas must be misted, a misting pump should come in handy. Of course, this will entail bigger costs, but really the investment and comfort is all worth it.

Aside from households, misters are also used in zoos, playgrounds, tents, pool sides, and garages. This is all in the aim to keep the outdoors comfortable and refreshing. Enjoy the outdoors more by installing your very own unit in your home and say goodbye to the days of isolation in your own bedroom.