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It’s almost impossible to conclusively know the origin of challenge coins and the real reason they were initially employed. But we can all be certain that both military services and challenge coins go back so much farther than the modern age.

As bedazzled as you are, we at ChallengeCoins4Less intend to resume this tradition albeit its puzzling foundation. After all, challenge coins are purposeful and can be a great way to establish good relationship between members of a particular group—be it within the armed services, government agencies, professional institutions or civilian populations.

Challenge Coins as a Military Tradition

custom coinsIn order to boost morale, encourage excellence and inspire unit interrelation, military units adopted the challenge coin tradition. Commanders employ challenge coins as a way to reward groups for their exceptional performance in different tasks or for accomplishing voluntary work. In other areas, individuals may also be rewarded with coins for their personal accomplishments. To publicly recognize achievements, military officers present a challenge coin that cannot be acknowledged through formal awarding ceremonies within the institution.

Challenge coins are uniquely designed for each military group and government organizations. Typically, the coins bear the relevant logo, crest or coat of arms of a particular group. Since challenge coins are easy to carry and distinguish, some personnel use them as a means of starting a conversation with a new acquaintance. There is also the “Coin Check” challenge in which the soldier that is not able to present his challenge coin upon the challenger’s call will have to buy a round of drinks for everyone.

What Does A Challenge Coin Look Like?

Challenge CoinAlthough challenge coins have been gaining popularity among civilians nowadays, many may still not know what a challenge coin is or how it looks like. Typically, a challenge coin has a diameter of around 1.5-2 inches and thickness of about 1/10 inch. These coins are usually round but many innovations have resulted in different shapes such as dog tags, pentagons, shields and arrowheads. A variety of designs and finishes has also been dominating the custom coin market so expect to see challenge coins looking considerably different from each other.

Who Can Benefit From Challenge Coins?

Beyond the military, challenge coins have now broken into civilian populations, making the demand more diverse and challenging. And as these coins continue to become more popular, we at ChallengeCoins4Less always aim to improve our products to meet all of today’s more demanding coin criteria.

Aside from military units, other organizations and institutions such as the following can benefit from using challenge coins:

• Police Departments
• Fire Departments
• Church Groups
• Clubs
• Scout Troops
• Business Departments
• Social Groups
• ROTC Units
• Sororities and Fraternities
• Professional Associations
• Charitable Organizations
• Government Agencies
• Chambers of Commerce
• Boards of Directors
• Volunteers
• and more!

Coin Pricing

Challenge coins are fairly economical to design and produce. In making custom coins, manufacturers use either of these 2 basic processes: die struck bronze and zinc-alloy castings.

The die struck bronze is more costly than zinc-alloy castings but it produces a far more superior end product. These days, many companies have made advanced innovations which enable them to create more challenging designs and add more features to the coins. As the market for custom coins becomes more competitive, it is only necessary for each coin maker to level up their game.

custom military coins

At ChallengeCoins4Less, we continue to revolutionize our molding, shaping and finishing methods without having to raise the price by significant degrees. We offer high quality custom coins at everyday low prices and provide free design and revision services to all our customers. Although not many civilians are fully aware of the history and current employments of challenge coins, the tradition still prevails and is looking more promising than ever.

Designing Coins

If you’re looking to get custom challenge coins but unsure as to how the process goes, you’ve arrived at the right place. ChallengeCoins4Less is your friendliest neighborhood when it comes to designing coins for your organization. More than we want to sell our products, we want our customers to fully understand the process and make everything clear to them before signing anything. You might be surprised at how easy the process is. For more details, give us a ring and we’ll be pleased to discuss all the essentials with you.

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