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Lanyards are commonly known as cords. These are pieces of cloth or fabric that is used to hold identification cards. These are commonly worn by students, company employees, or members of an organization or institutions. It can be customized to your chosen design or imprint your company or organization’s name to show that you are a member of it.

LanyardIf you are you in need for premium quality customized ID lanyards that will best showcase your organization, institution or company, Wholesale Lanyards is your one-stop solution! Here at Wholesale Lanyards, we assure you that we will give you only the best custom lanyards at an affordable price. We are confident with our products because only high quality materials are used in producing it and we hired only the best graphic artists in our team. We make every custom lanyard exactly how you want it to be. We make it to a point that our customers will be satisfied with our products making them to keep coming back for more. Our professional custom lanyard staff is willing to attend to all your inquiries and we wish to assist you with your needs and questions.

At the, you can make your own choices on what designs you want to be in your ID Lanyards. We offer you different lanyard type, lanyard colour, and lanyard designs that will showcase your dedication and commitment to your company or organization. You have the freedom to choose how you want them to be. From the fabric, colour, symbols, or any attachments you like, we can provide it all for you with no additional charges. You can put as many characters as you like! We also have different kinds of lanyards such as badge lanyards, cell phone lanyards, key ring lanyards and any other kind of lanyards.

It is, of course, important to choose not just only the best but the right lanyard style. It should fit your needs and will properly match to the situation you are in. If you are having a hard time choosing the right lanyard style for you, we have a variety of collection of lanyard style that you can choose from.

We have polyester lanyards that are perfect in using for school identification cards since it is durable and cheaper compared to other lanyard styles. It is the most common type of lanyard that everyone uses, and has clearer details and designs.

Nylon lanyards are perfect for printing detailed logos. It has a smooth texture and high quality printing details making it to be commonly used as giveaways by large events.

If you want to have a long lasting lanyard, woven lanyard would be the perfect choice for you. The text and other details are embroidered in the lanyard making designs hardly fade away.

Tubular lanyard is comfortable since it is lightweight. Its texture is similar to a tubular shoelace and designs are printed through silk screen.

If you want to have a more colourful lanyard, our dye sublimated lanyard would be the perfect option for you. At a very affordable price you can have high quality lanyard that undergone to colour sublimated process on both sides. The imprint in our dye sublimated lanyards won’t crack, fade or wear off so you can fully enjoy wearing our custom lanyard products.

We also have the newest addition to our lanyard styles, which is the cord lanyard. It is perfect if you want to strike a clean and comfortable look printed with high quality characters that only the Wholesale Lanyards offers.

All our ID Lanyards are available in 3/8″, 1/2″ and 5/8″ widths at our standard 36″ length. We also offer you 5 free attachments and a selection of optional extra attachments for all your chosen lanyards.

We are always striving to guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction with our custom lanyard products. Our products have been trusted by most of our customers and so we assure you that you will never regret trusting us with your custom lanyard needs.

We are willing to work on with premium quality products that you truly deserve. Our graphics department promises to meet all your expectations and we can assure you that our custom ID Lanyards are made to last for years.

Every lanyard order comes with a free shipping fee in different parts of the USA, no setup fees for any lanyard type, free Pantone colour matching, and high quality lanyard fabric materials. In a very fast and reliable transaction, you can have your lanyards and experience for yourself the premium quality of our product. You can also check our social media sites for our specials, sales, and discounts that are not advertised anywhere else. You can always contact us at 866-289-8828 should you have further questions or clarifications that you wanted us to answer firsthand.

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